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Email is generally not a secure method of communication. If you need to send us confidential or sensitive information such as passwords, account numbers or social security numbers, please use the secure email links below and follow the instructions, or contact us by phone.

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Eldora Main Office 641-939-3407
Eldora Main Office Loans Dept. 641-939-5096
Union Office 641-486-5331
Liscomb Office 641-496-5215

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Mailing Address
Hardin County Savings Bank
PO Box 311
1202 Edgington Ave
Eldora, IA 50627


SHAZAM Debit Card
To report a lost or stolen card call: 800-383-8000
To report fraud call: 866-508-2693

If your card is lost, stolen or you suspect fraud, call the number on the back of your card.