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Business Deposit Accounts

The Cornerstone to Your Business’s Finances

Just as a business plan is the foundation of any company, a checking and savings account are the basis of any business’s finances. Our business deposit accounts do not come with fancy features or complex requirements, but provide exactly what you need so you can focus more of your attention on running your company or agricultural operation.

Checking Accounts

Our business checking account offers everything you need as a business owner without all the balance and transaction requirements that come with most checking accounts.

  • $100 is all you need to open the account
  • Monthly statements with check images
  • Debit card to make quick purchases for your business
  • Low monthly maintenance fee, can be offset based on balance and activity

Visit us today in Eldora or Union to open your business checking account today!

Savings Accounts

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. A savings account for your business, regardless of its size, can provide that peace of mind in the form of funds saved for emergencies or future purchases.

  • Easily accessible should you need to transfer funds to your business checking account
  • Earn interest on your balances to help them grow over time
  • Accessible through your Online Business Banking account

Visit us today in Eldora or Union to open your business savings account today!

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